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Welcome to Canada Shooting Supply

We sell Crosman, Baikal, Walther, Daisy, Umarex, Benjamin and many other brand name air pistols and rifles. We also sell a lot of Crosman Custom Parts. We are Authorized to sell Firearms and firearm grade air rifles.  We are based in Whitby Ontario Canada and offer very reasonable shipping to both domestic and International customers. We cannot sell firearms, related ammunition to International Customers. All airguns are available to Canadian and American customers whereas the parts and accessories are available to all of our customers from other countries.
We are authorized resellers of GMAC Custom Parts(UK) and sell many products from their Custom Parts product line. If you cannot find the part that you are looking for, do not hesitate to email or phone us and we will try our best to source it for you. (sales@canadashootingsupply.ca OR on weekends call +1-289-423-5450.

We also have wide variety of pellets in .177, .22 and .25 caliber. We also sell steel and copper BBs in .177 caliber. We carry Daisy Pellets and BBs, Crosman Pellets, H&N Pellets. We also carry CO2 cartridges from Crosman CO2, Daisy CO2 and Walther Umarex CO2. We ship everything via CanadaPost or UPS. Shipping is calculated automatically by carriers and is the actual shipping cost.
We cannot refund any difference if you purchased anything before the day it went on sale.

 Visit www.usedairguns.ca to find used items OR to list yours for free.


New Products

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  1. Beeman QB78 Deluxe CO2 Air Rifle .177
  2. Crosman C41 CO2 BB Pistol
  3. Crosman 1077W Repeatair Wood stock
  4. Crosman 1077 Shooting Kit
  5. Crosman 1077 Synthetic Stock
  6. 2250b Forearm
  7. 1077 Airsource Adapter and bulk fill
  8. 22xx Black Stock Adapter for Tippman 98 stocks
  9. Black Short Breech 177 Hollow LEFT HAND
  10. Black Short Breech .22 Hollow LEFT
  11. Black Short Breech .22 Kit LEFT
  12. Black Short Pistol Breech Kit .177
  13. Black Short Breech .22 Hollow
  14. Brass Kit Long Rail Hlw .22 L/H
  15. SCREW FRONT FRAME for 2250b
  16. Lug or Bracket for Front Stock
  17. Barrel Band for Crosman 2250b
  18. UTG Universal Dovetail to Picatinny Weaver Adapter
  19. Silicone Chamber Oil for Break Barrel and PCP guns
  20. New Extended Hollow Probe with handle Left Hand 22 cal
  21. Aluminum Stock Adapter for the 22XX for Tippman 98 stocks
  22. Aluminum Stock Adapter for the 13XX for Tippman 98 stocks
  23. Crosman 2250b Main Tube body
  24. Crosman 22xx Valve Assembly
  25. H&N Field Target Trophy, .177 Cal, 8.64 Grains, Domed
  26. H&N Field Target Trophy .22 Cal, 14.66 Grains, Round Nose
  27. Air Venturi Rat-On-The-Run Airgun Target
  28. Gamo Squirrel Field Target w/4 Kill-Zone Reducers
  29. Umarex Multi-Shot Spinning Target
  30. Crosman Zombie Spinning Target, 3 Metal Spinners
  31. Champion Airgun Auto Reset Spinner Target
  32. Gamo Plinking Can & Bullseye Target
  33. Gamo Competition Target
  34. Pellet Pen With Pellet Seater, Loads & Seats .22 Cal Pellets
  35. Pellet Pen, Holds 20 .177-Cal Pellets
  36. Pellet Pen, Holds 15 .22-Cal Pellets, Green
  37. Crosman Pellet Loader, Holds 16 .177 Cal Pellets
  38. Belt Holster, Fits Compact & Subcompact Pistols, Black
  39. UTG Elite Tactical Leg Holster, Left Handed
  40. UTG Elite Tactical Leg Holster, Right Hand
  41. Crosman Pistol Holster, Accessory Pocket, Quick-Release Buckle
  42. Crosman Leg Holster, Camo, Mag Pouch, Med/Lg-Frame Guns
  43. Crosman Shoulder Holster, Black, Mag Pouch, Med-Frame Guns
  44. Hammer - Dry Film
  45. Tank Barrel Band for Forward Drop Block
  46. Forward Crosman Drop Block for 2250b - New Vesion
  47. H&N Baracuda Match .22 Cal
  48. Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect
  49. Air Venturi Remote CO2 Kit for Umarex Steel Force and Steel Storm Rifles
  50. Beeman H&N Match .177 Cal 8.18 Grains Wadcutter 300ct
  51. Gamo PT-85 CO2
  52. Crosman Bolt Handle - Long
  53. Airgun Cleaning Kit .177 .22
  54. Air Venturi 30" CO2 Coiled Remote Line
  55. CO2 Tank 20 oz. Refillable
  56. CO2 Tank, 12-oz. Refillable
  57. Beretta PX4 Storm .177 magazine
  58. Grub Screw
  59. Crosman Custom Shoulder Stock Without cardboard packing
  60. Crosman SR357 Black
  61. Crosman SR357 Silver
  62. Safety Steel Ball
  63. Center Point Multi-TAC Quick Aim Sight
  64. Center Point 2.5X20 Pistol Scope
  65. Self Finish American Black Walnut Maruader Stock Set
  66. Trigger Shoe Silver for Crosman
  67. Trigger Shoe Gold for Crosman
  68. Brass Muzzle Brake with black sight pin for Crosman 13xx 17xx 22xx
  69. Scope Rings 1 inch Dovetail High Profile
  70. Crosman Targetfinder Scope
  71. Center Point 30mm Enclosed Reflex Sight
  72. Center Point Open Reflex Sight
  73. Center Point 4-16X40mm TAG
  74. Center Point 1-4X24 AR Rifle Scope
  75. Center Point AR22 4X32 Series Scope
  76. Crosman Airgun Mount 459MTC
  77. Scope Rings 1 inch Dovetail Medium Profille
  78. Crosman B272 4-Piece Intermount
  79. Black Anodized Barrel Band 2250
  80. RH Grip Set - American Walnut - Self Finish
  81. Crosman C41 Pistol Magazine 177 Cal 18 Rds
  82. Benjamin Marauder Rifle OR Multi Shot breech Magazine 22 Cal 10rds
  83. Colt Peacemaker SAA CO2 Revolver Nickel
  84. Smith & Wesson Cylinder Magazine, 10rds, 3ct
  85. Umarex Airgun Pellet Magazine 8 rd 3 units for various guns by Walther
  86. Umarex Elite Force 0.25 Gram 2700 CT Airsoft BBs
  87. Brass Barrel Band Multi shot 2250
  88. Multi shot Brass Barrel Band
  89. Valve Screw
  90. Benjamin-Sheridan Pump Rifles 392 and 397 Sear
  91. Hammer Pin
  92. Striker RockWell
  93. Trigger Shoe Black for Crosman
  94. Umarex .177 Precision Steel BBs Ammo
  95. .177 Caliber Black Diamond Steel BBs
  96. Daisy 2400 Steel Count BBs
  97. Crosman 22xx .177 Extended Bolt and Handle Hex Type heavy
  98. RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle 8.2 gr
  99. RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol 7gr
  100. Walther CP99 Compact by Walther



Canada Shooting Supply is based out of Whitby and is your own local Canadian source for various airguns and airgun parts. We can also custom order parts for you if you do not see them listed on our website. Feel free to ask about it via email. Also please note that we do not have a store front OR a shop. We are not able to entertain any customers at our warehouse.

*We hold the right to decline free shipping promotion to you if you live a remote location.