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Welcome to Canada Shooting Supply

We sell Crosman, Baikal, Walther, Daisy, Umarex, Benjamin and many other brand name air pistols and rifles. We also sell a lot of Crosman Custom Parts. We are Authorized to sell Firearms and firearm grade air rifles.  We are based in Whitby Ontario Canada and offer very reasonable shipping to both domestic and International customers. We cannot sell firearms, related ammunition to International Customers. All airguns are available to Canadian and American customers whereas the parts and accessories are available to all of our customers from other countries.
We are authorized resellers of GMAC Custom Parts(UK) and sell many products from their Custom Parts product line. If you cannot find the part that you are looking for, do not hesitate to email or phone us and we will try our best to source it for you. (sales@canadashootingsupply.ca OR on weekends call +1-289-423-5450.

We also have wide variety of pellets in .177, .22 and .25 caliber. We also sell steel and copper BBs in .177 caliber. We carry Daisy Pellets and BBs, Crosman Pellets, H&N Pellets. We also carry CO2 cartridges from Crosman CO2, Daisy CO2 and Walther Umarex CO2. We ship everything via CanadaPost or UPS. Shipping is calculated automatically by carriers and is the actual shipping cost.
We cannot refund any difference if you purchased anything before the day it went on sale.

 Visit www.usedairguns.ca to find used items OR to list yours for free.


New Products

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  1. UTG 3-9x32 Rifle Scope with 11mm Rings - Used
  2. Beeman AR2078A CO2 Target Rifle 0.22
  3. New Warrior Compressor - Crank Case
  4. New Warrior Compressor - Compression Fitting
  5. New Warrior Compressor - Line Connector Fitting
  6. New Warrior Compressor - Compression Ring
  7. New Warrior Compressor - Copper Line
  8. High Pressure Fill Line Assembly with Moisture Barrier and Quick Disconnect
  9. RWS HyperMAX .22 Cal, 9.9 Grains, Pointed, 80ct
  10. Crosman TR77NPS overmolded barrel w scope 0.177
  11. KRAL Air Stripper 0.25 cal
  12. KRAL Air Stripper 0.22 cal
  13. KRAL Air Stripper 0.177 cal
  14. Mag, .25 Cal, 9-Shot, Fits Nova, BT65SB & AT44PA Rifles + Hatsan AT-P1 Pistol
  15. KRAL - Reseal Kit - Fits many KRAL Guns
  16. KRAL Valve Stem - Fits many KRAL guns
  17. Hatsan Air Stripper 0.25
  18. Hatsan Air Stripper 0.22
  19. JSB Match Diabolo Exact .30 Cal, 44.75gr
  20. KRAL Puncher Rambo 0.25
  21. KRAL Puncher Rambo 0.22
  22. KRAL Puncher Rambo 0.177
  23. Benjamin Variable Pump Air Rifle
  24. Optima 3-9x32 Scope
  25. Hatsan MOD 25 0.22 Supercharger
  26. Hatsan MOD 25 0.177 Supercharger
  27. Hatsan MOD 135 0.22 Caliber
  28. Hatsan MOD 130 0.30 Caliber
  29. Hatsan MOD 95 0.25
  30. Hatsan MOD 95 0.22
  31. Hatsan MOD 95 0.177
  32. UTG 3-9x32 AO Compact CQB Bug Buster Rifle Scope
  33. UTG 3-12x32 AO Bug Buster Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/3 MOA, 1" Tube, Medium Weaver Rings
  34. UTG BugBuster 3-12X32 Scope, 1/3 MOA AO, Mil-dot Reticle, Med. Dovetail Rings
  35. Kral Filling Adaptor for Bigmax and Jumbo
  36. Air Venturi 100 cu-in Carbon Fiber Tank with EZ Valve
  37. Air Venturi Replacement Filters for Nomad & Nomad II Compressors, 4 ct.
  38. Diana Mauser K98 PCP 0.22
  39. Diana Mauser K98 PCP 0.177
  40. Otis Flex Cleaning Kit, .177 & .22 Cal.
  41. Dewey .177-.20 Cal Cleaning Jag, 5/40 Male Threads, Brass
  42. Gamo Standard Cleaning Kit, .177-.25 Cal
  43. AV Nomad Compressor Middle Pressure Piston Ring (including O-ring)
  44. AV Nomad Compressor Low Pressure Piston Ring (including O-ring)
  45. AV Nomad Compressor Middle Pressure Check Valve and Spring
  46. Air Venturi Nomad Compressor Pressure Fitting Assembly (including lock ring)
  47. AV Nomad Compressor Long Screw (inc 4 pieces)
  48. AV Nomad Compressor Low-pressure Safety Valve
  49. AV Nomad Compressor Short Brass Screw
  50. AV Nomad Compressor Pin (D1.5*9mm)
  51. AV Nomad Compressor Screw of Bearing
  52. AV Nomad Compressor Plastic Spacer
  53. AV Nomad Compressor Bearing and Screw
  54. AV Nomad Compressor Valve Plate
  55. AV Nomad Compressor Rubber Ball
  56. AV Nomad Compressor Switch
  57. Air Venturi Compact Inline Filter
  58. Kral Arms Check Valve, Part Number AT-34
  59. Kral Arms Firing Valve, Part #AT-28
  60. Benjamin Armada 0.25
  61. Spare Magazine for CM9B Pistol
  62. Stock LUG for 2260
  63. Daisy Magazines for Daisy Match Grade Avanti 853C and 953
  64. Tactical Series Pistol Case 18", Black
  65. Plano Rifle Case, Single, Scoped
  66. Flambeau Express Gun Case
  67. LaserMax Red Spartan Laser
  68. LaserMax Red Micro II Laser
  69. ASG Universal Laser, Integral Weaver Mount and Rail for Accessories
  70. Crosman P1 Full Auto Blowback CO2 BB Pistol with Laser
  71. Diana Regulator for Stormrider Bandit and PP800
  72. UTG Monopod, V-Rest & Camera Adapter, 20.50" to 58.75"
  73. UTG Bipod, SWAT/Combat Profile, Adjustable Height, Steel Feet
  74. UTG Bipod, Heavy Duty Recon 360
  75. Hatsan Optima Universal Tactical Bipod, Picatinny Mount, Folding/Telescoping Legs
  76. BKL 1-Pc Mount, 4" Long, 1" Rings, 3/8" or 11mm Dovetail, 6 Base Screws, .007 Drop Compensation, Matte Black
  77. Crosman Mako CO2 semi-Auto BlowBack BB Pistol
  78. Kral Arms Puncher Pro - 0.25
  79. Kral Arms Puncher Pro - 0.22
  80. Kral Arms Puncher Pro - 0.177
  81. KRAL Puncher Maxi Marine Skull 0.177
  82. KRAL Puncher Maxi Marine Skull 0.25
  83. KRAL Puncher Maxi Marine Skull 0.22
  84. KRAL Puncher NP-02 Marine 0.25 - Full Powered
  85. KRAL Puncher NP-02 Marine 0.22 - Full Power
  86. New Warrior 4500PSI 3-Stage Handpump
  87. Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Sight-In Targets, 8" Square, 6ct
  88. Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Bullseye Targets, 8" Round, 25ct
  89. Crosman M4-177 Barrel Guide
  90. H&N Baracuda Hunter, .25 Cal, 27.47 Grains, Hollowpoint, 150ct
  91. Crosman 2300T Valve Stem Guide
  92. Crosman 2300T Complete Valve
  93. KRAL Arms Puncher Mega Marine Synthetic Sidelever PCP .25 cal - Canadian Edition
  94. KRAL Arms Puncher Mega Marine Synthetic Sidelever PCP .22 cal - Canadian Edition
  95. Kral Tactical Bipod OR Foregrip
  96. Aria 3-9x40 Scope with Duplex Reticle, 1" Tube, Inc. High Rings
  97. Hawke Sport Optics Vantage 3-9x40 AO Rifle Scope, Ill. Mil-Dot Center Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Mono-Tube
  98. Hawke Sport Optics Vantage 4-12x40 AO Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Mono-Tube
  99. Hawke Sport Optics Vantage 3-9x50 AO Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Tube
  100. KRAL Puncher NP-02 Marine 0.25 - Canadian Edition



Canada Shooting Supply is based out of Whitby and is your own local Canadian source for various airguns and airgun parts. We can also custom order parts for you if you do not see them listed on our website. Feel free to ask about it via email. Also please note that we do not have a store front OR a shop. We are not able to entertain any customers at our warehouse.

*We hold the right to decline free shipping promotion to you if you live a remote location.